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CIE Offers A+ Certification Course Online

Take an A+ certification course online and learn how to service various computer technologies.


Do you love computers, but don’t know how to turn that love into a rewarding career? Learning how to become a computer technician has never been easier! You can now take an A+ certification course online at Cleveland Institute of Electronics.

Not familiar with CompTIA A+ certification? No problem! This certification demonstrates that you have the knowledge and skills to be a computer technician. By taking an A+ certification course online at Cleveland Institute of Electronics, you’ll learn how to service various computer technologies and operating systems from major companies like Microsoft, Apple and Linux-supported distributors.

Steps to Take CIE's A+ Certification Course Online

Since you’re learning more about computers, it makes sense to take your A+ certification course online. At CIE, the course includes 33 interactive lessons divided over three sections that prepare you for the CompTIA certification exams. You complete each lesson at your own pace with help and guidance from instructors when you need it.

Everything you need to succeed is sent to your home including your A+ textbooks, study guides and CD labs with experiments that you perform on your computer. Once you finish reading your lesson assignment you're ready to take your exam online on CIE's eGrade exam web site.

If you have any questions about your coursework CIE's instructors hold online chatrooms Monday through Friday and are available via phone and email as well.

Students have eight months to complete CIE’s A+ certification course online. As an added incentive, CIE constantly updates the course material to reflect current standards so you know you're getting trained on the most recent computer technology.

CIE's A+ certification course online can help transform your hobby into a successful career in computers.

Why CIE’s A+ Certification Course Online Matters

CompTIA A+ certification is a highly respected accreditation across the tech industry. It’s held by 900,000 IT professionals and leading computer companies require service techs to be A+ certified. That’s why enrolling in an A+ certification course online matters to anyone interested in becoming a computer technician.

At Cleveland Institute of Electronics, our A+ certification course online isn't just effective; it's affordable. We help our students get the training they need to start successful careers in computers and information technology.

Our unique distance learning services keep education costs low and allow the freedom and convenience to attend online classes at times that fit each student’s schedule.

You already love computers. Transform your hobby into a successful career. CIE’s A+ certification course online can get you there. Contact us today to learn more about this and other exciting courses and programs at CIE.


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