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CIE Summer Special Offer

$5 starts any course • 400 in rebates • FREE CIE Cap

Dear Friend:

If you're like most of our students, you're anxious to get ahead and move into an exciting new career. A career that
will reward you every day with a powerful feeling of personal accomplishment.

CIE's convenient distance learning programs let you learn new technology in your own home and at your own pace
and helps prepare you for a new career in a fast-growing field like High-Tech Electronics, IT Security or PC Repair.

Special offer to new students!
Enroll in any program with $5 down and get $400 in saving rebates that can apply towards tuition or textbooks.

Plus, every new student gets a FREE CIE embroidered cap after completing ten lessons!

We make it easy to get started. Now, more than ever, it's easier to make an educated decision on your future. Enroll now at an affordable rate which will be locked in for the remainder of your program.

Here's how the rebate program works:
Simply enroll before July 31st and you're eligible for $400 in rebates that you can use towards future monthly tuition payments or textbook purchases.

The rebate schedule is based on your enrollment date and includes four separate $100 rebates.

• Your first $100 rebate is valid 45 days after enrollment
• Your second $100 rebate is valid 90 days after enrollment
• Your third $100 REBATE is valid 150 days after enrollment
• Your fourth and final $100 REBATE is valid 210 days after enrollment

Get a free CIE embroidered cap after you complete ten lessons!

Over 80 Years of Distance Education Experience
For over 80 years CIE has helped students from around the world reach their goals via distance education. A CIE education will reward you every day with a powerful feeling of achievement the rest of your life.

Distance Education Learning Experts
At CIE, each course was designed with a convenient, step-by-step learning format that will allow you to master new topics quickly and effectively. No prior experience is required and you can do all of your training at home with full
instructor support, on-line exams, hands-on labs, an interactive instructor-led chat room and a textbook buyback program.

When you finish, you'll have the skills and knowledge needed to start a new career or
advance in your current job!

Education Resources
Instructor Chat Room - Simply log on and ask a questions right from your computer.
Video Library - Watch an instructor discuss a variety of lessons and hands-on labs.
On-Line Exams - Take your exams online on our eGrade web site anytime you want.
Hands-on Labs - Train on your own lab equipment and practice as often as you need.

How do I enroll?
Getting started is so simple. Just fill out the online enrollment agreement or call an Admissions Advisor at (800) 243-6446.

These programs were designed with you in mind. They're a smart value and have prestigious benefits that will last a lifetime! Don't let this opportunity slip by you, enroll today.

Please call (800) 243-6446 with any questions. Office Location: CIE: 1776 E 17th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114