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Instrumentation Technology with Lab distance learning course.

Instrumentation Technology with Lab

Students learn about control processes and measurement functions of instrumentation devices used in diagnosing systems in most types of manufacturing plants. It's a well-rounded program that includes essential troubleshooting techniques and simulation labs covering Electrical Power, Machines, Control Systems and Computer Aided Circuit Design.

The laboratory portion of this course uses computer simulation software to show students how to create elements of an industrial control system and understand how these elements affect overall system operation.

This new Diploma course will give a person with no prior computer experience the skills and confidence needed to enter the Electro-mechanical technician field.

Electro-mechanical technicians combine knowledge of mechanical technology with knowledge of electrical and electronic circuits. They operate, test, and maintain unmanned, automated, robotic, or electromechanical equipment.

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Course Descriptions

The Instrumentation and Controls course assumes no prior Instrumentation experience. It was designed for the distance learning student and gives them the knowledge to master Instrumentation Technology found in power plants, large buildings and most types of manufacturing plants. The powerful labs will reinforce Control Systems used in industrial settings.

Introduction to Computers online course1. Fundamentals of Instrumentation

This course presents the general principles of instrumentation processes. It explains measuring techniques, measuring instruments and how to use test equipment including multimeters, oscilloscopes and other special devices.

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Introduction to Computers online course2. Computer Aided Circuit Design and Drafting

This is a laboratory course designed to prepare students to draw and edit electronic circuits with various testing instruments in both AC and DC operation.

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Applied Ethics online course3. Electrical Power and Machines

This course is designed to explore principles of modern electric power and power technology, covering such topics as fundamentals of electricity, magnetism and circuits, mechanics and heat, electrical machines and transformers, electrical and electronic drives, electric utility power systems and PLCs.

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Computer Security online course4. Controls Systems I

The Controls Systems courses provide a thorough understanding of industrial control system design and operation. Start with an introduction to process control and then move on to more advanced topics in analog and digital signal conditioning, thermal, mechanical and optical sensors, final control, discrete-state process control, & controller principles.

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Firewalls and VPNs online course5. Control Systems I Lab

The Control Systems labs use computer simulation software to show students how to analyze elements of an industrial control system. Learn how these elements affect overall system operation. Analyze the response of Resistance Temperature Detector, construct a circuit using feedback control loop and analyze its operation. Plus much more!

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Network Defense and Counter Measures online course6. Control Systems II

Learn systems concepts with emphasis on analog and digital controllers, control loop characteristics, power interfaces, Laplace transformers and system response.

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Security Policies and Awareness online course7. Control Systems II Lab

Design circuits, analyze the operation of an Integrator and see it used in a controller application, simulate an industrial control system, construct D/A and D/A circuits and compare their operations, analyze the concepts of pulse width modulation and their application as a control technique, construct a PID controller using Multisim.

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Course Objectives:

Upon the completion of this course the student will be:
  • Familiar with test equipment such as VOM meters, dB meters, multimeters and frequency meters
  • Able to understand the internal composition of oscilloscopes
  • Prepared to use the oscilloscope to analyze circuits
  • Qualified to simulate and troubleshoot electronic circuits
  • Capable of discussing the operation of AC & DC motors/generators,
  • Prepared to evaluate and solve motor/generator problems
  • Able to troubleshoot PLC ladder diagrams
  • Qualified to understand open loop control & close loop control
  • Capable of designing and troubleshooting servomechanism control systems
  • Knowledgable of the operation of process control systems
  • Competent to design an error amplifier along with configuring analog controllers
  • Run computer simulation to analyze the response of Resistance Temperature Detector
  • Able to evaluate the performance of a current to voltage converter and a voltage to current converter
  • Use the computer to design and analyze a circuit



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How Does Distance Learning Work?

Distance learning studentThe Instrumentation Technology with Lab curriculum was created specifically for the distance learning student.
It was designed to educate students who live at a distance from a college.

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Open Enrollment Policy

CIE has an open enrollment policy and you can start this program at any time.

One of the advantages of enrolling with CIE is that you can study at your own pace. Some students go through the program slowly, others at an accelerated level. We can accommodate almost any arrangement that suits you best and with our generous time allotment of 12 months for Course 7C you can be assured to have enough time to complete your program.


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Students graduate with a Diploma in Instrumentation Technology with Lab and will be ready to apply their skills in the Electro-mechanical field.

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Student Textbook Responsibilities

Students are responsible for purchasing a limited number of textbooks for this course that are not included in tuition. Please call an Admissions Advisor at (800) 243-6446 if you have any questions.


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